White Gypsy Brewery

At the White Gypsy Brewery, we make good beer. Our long term aim is to make that good beer from malt and hops grown locally and to sell as much of that beer, within 40 miles of the brewery door.  We believe that for any community to be a stable environment in which people can live, work and have the prospect of a future, there needs to some degree of sustainability.

And what could be more sustainable than the food we eat or the beer we drink. The more we produce that’s closer to home, the closer the money stays to home. People’s lives improve and the sense of well-being increases leading to strong, vibrant communities. It’s about taking control of our future one small step at a time.

So when you drink our beer, we thank you; not only for supporting us but also our aims to create a local beer industry, which is both sustainable, proud and Irish.


Tips & What's Happening

Alltech Craft Beer Festival
February 27th -March 1st 2015
Details to follow.......

Irish Craft Beer and Cider Festival 2014
Event September 4th-7th 2014
RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Kilruddery House Craft Beer and Cider Market
Event July 12th 2014
Southern Cross, Bray

Event May 29th- June 2nd 2014
Pheonix Park Dublin

Wexford Food and Wine Festival
Event May 24th-25th 2014
South Main Street, Wexfod